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Gift the Young & Brilliant minds in your life with the tools they need to become leaders. Set their foundation for success with the power of critical thinking and entrepreneurship.

According to the Institute for Policy Studies, it is projected to take over 200 years for African-American families and 80 years for Hispanic families to bridge the racial economic wealth gap.

How We Bridge The Gap

Critical Thinking

How to analyze information, evaluate evidence, and think independently.


How to define a vision, build a plan, problem-solve, execute and track success.

Financial Literacy

How to manage money, budget effectively, and make informed financial decisions.

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Why This Is Important

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Helping our children make better decisions and solve problems more effectively, teaches how to think logically and rationally in all aspects of life. This skill empowers them to become responsible citizens who can effectively navigate complex issues.



Instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in our children, sets the groundwork for our future generation of visionary leaders who will create innovative businesses, products, and services that have the potential to make a positive impact on the world.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Raising financially responsible children to become financially responsible adults who can make informed decisions about their money. By teaching children the value of saving, budgeting, and investing, we are helping to create a generation of financially savvy individuals who can contribute to the global economy in a positive way.

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From Our Community

My son loves the Creative Writing for Critical Thinkers workbook! In the second section, I helped him build out his plan to code his own game! Great resource.

Jean VProud Father

When I need my daughter to sit still for a few, I give her one of these puzzles. She loves them!


That Financial Literacy workbook is GOLD! We were looking for something to introduce entrepreneurship to our youth group and these books complimented our program well.

KaylaYouth Director

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